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Professional Website Support and Maintenance Services

We can work with you to design a regular maintenance plan that works for you and your business.

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Support and Website Maintenance Services

This is an additional service that we highly recommend. If you’ve ever had a website and discovered that a link no longer works, photos are missing, you’ve been hacked or other weird things seem to be wrong with it, then you understand the value of monthly website support services and website maintenance services. 

What Monthly Website Support and Maintenance Services Provide

Focus on important aspects of your business and never spend time on site errors again.

The most essential thing our regular website maintenance services provide is peace of mind. Websites, especially websites built on the WordPress platform, will have things that break or stop working from time to time. Because WordPress is such a popular platform, it is a big target for hackers. It is not uncommon for WordPress websites to get hacked from time to time, especially if they don't have regular support and management services.

Proactive Support With Monthly Reports

Each month, The experts at Phoenix Web Designer run a variety of tests on your website to make sure it is all still functioning the way it should. We look for evidence of hacking and repair anything we’ve found. We look for and take care of any regular updates on your website plugins and security features. We look for and fix any broken links, photos and functionalities. Then we send you a monthly report on what we’ve found and fixed. In addition, we provide up to 30 minutes of free website edits each month should you have anything you want added or changed.

We Don't Provide This Service for All Websites

Our web support and website maintenance services and are only available for sites we've built.

Unfortunately for many customers who contact us, we only offer the option for our maintenance and website support services on websites that we have built. The reason for this is that we know our own sites were built properly, to our own high standards. An improperly coded or old website can be loaded with serious issues requiring countless hours of support and repairs. For those sites, we highly recommend a new build from the ground up. Believe it or not, doing so is almost always easier, cheaper, and takes fewer hours than trying to find all the problems with a site that we didn’t build. Of course, we can help with the new website and then provide our monthly maintenance and support after its launched.

Our Professionals Based in Phoenix, AZ offer options to fit your budget, from small to mid-sized websites. We even build e-commerce sites so you can sell your products online. A professional web developer is here to answer any questions you have and to get your website up and running in no time. We also offer graphic design services like logos or business cards if you need them. All of our services are priced right, affordable and fast. After all, every business has to start somewhere. We'll get you started on the right foot by making it painless and easy!


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