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Develop Your Website Goals

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When I meet with a client one of the first things they say is, “I want me website to look like *insert website example here*”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you have reasons to back you up. What is it that you like about it? What features do they have that you want to incorporate and how will it benefit your business?  Let me go over some points to think about before just choosing the look of your website.

What Users will first see

When someone visits your website, what’s the first thing you want people to notice. You want users to know what your company does or who you are right off the bat. So how do you want to accomplish this? If there is some way you can quickly communicate this in 5 seconds, that needs to be the first thing people see on your website.

Define the goals of the website

What do you want your users to ultimately do when they visit your website? Do you want them to contact you, follow you on social media, buy something, subscribe to a newsletter etc.? If you can’t answer this question, your users will feel lost and not know what to do on your website and quickly leave. Once you have defined the goal, the rest of the content will fall into place.

Create Call to Actions

Now that we have defined the goal of your website, the next step is to execute. If your goal is to have people contact you, how are we going to make this the most prominent feature? How do you want them to contact you? These are questions that can be helped with the guidance of an advertising company. They know the ins and outs of the web world and what’s possible. If you have the 2 points above figured out before you go to an advertising company, you are in good shape to meet with them.

If you’re ready to meet with a web designer to develop your website, give a call to discuss your goals.

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